Writing rates are handled on a per-project basis. Send me an email at kbraun689@gmail.com to describe your project and get a free quote.

Editing, meanwhile, comes in many different forms. The work you need may be simple or it may be substantial. KB Editorial Services offers three different levels of editing for you to choose from.

Proofreading: Do you need an extra pair of eyes to catch typos, repeated words, and grammar errors? Proofreading involves a thorough examination of your document with the goal of ensuring that it fully conforms to the rules of English grammar. This is the most basic level of editing and encompasses mechanical fixes only (no rewriting).
Rate: ranges from 0.5-1 cent per word.

Copy and line editing: If your sentences and paragraphs don’t flow together well, readers will be pulled away from your story or not understand the point you’re trying to make. Copy/line editing addresses issues on the level of syntax, clarity, word choice, and paragraphing, to make your style consistent, your dialogue believable, and your prose a pleasure to read. This level of editing includes proofreading, so you won’t have to purchase more than one service.
Rate: ranges from 1-2 cents per word.

Structural editing: A structural edit includes proofreading and copy/line editing, in addition to larger adjustments such as moving paragraphs around, writing transitions, and cutting or questioning unnecessary sentences or scenes. This is the heaviest level of editing I offer.
Rate: ranges from 2-3 cents per word.

Note that I do not currently offer content editing (which addresses issues like character development and plot holes). However, I do provide beta reading services, in which I will read the manuscript and provide detailed feedback for you, noting any inconsistencies, contradictions, or big-picture issues that I spot as a reader. Beta reading involves no editing and can be purchased on its own ($1 per page, double-spaced, 12pt font) or in addition to an editing package ($.50 per page).

Discounts may be available on a per-project basis. To get a specific quote, send me the details of your project (total word count, level of editing needed, and preferred turnaround time), along with a 2-3 page sample of the work. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.